INGRID – MORE THAN JUST A BRAND / Heinrich Hoffmann, Curt Schlevogt

Artistic crystalware was born in the Jizera Mountains in the second half of 1920s under the influence of the extremely successful molded glass production of the Frenchman René Lalique. Thanks to the dedication of companies and the creativity of renowned designers, it quickly gained popularity. It was the birth of a phenomenon which has remained, until present day, the “display window” of Czech glass production. The collection called Ingrid, produced by the Jablonec company Curt Schlevogt, is the synonym of this success. Some products made by the Heinrich Hoffmann company in the 1930s are also a part of this collection. Continuous fabrication of many designs till present day proves their timelessness.

For the first time, this book brings to the attention of specialists as well as amateurs selections from the biggest museum and private artistic crystalware collection of Jablonec-based companies Hoffmann and Schlevogt. It reveals some previously unknown facts and corrects many frequently published errors and misconceptions. It provides details regarding identification, production dates and location of particular objects.

Publisher: Muzeum skla a bižuterie v Jablonci nad Nisou / 2012

Texts: Petr Nový

Language: Czech, English, Germany

Number of pages: 156

ISBN: 978-80-86397-14-6