The principles of personal data processing

Personal data controller and data subject
The personal data controller is the company that operates this website, the booking service.

The data subject is a natural person who has provided the controller with their personal data under a lease agreement, purchase agreement, service contract or other contract concluded with the controller. The data subject may also be a natural person whose personal data the controller has obtained from other lawful sources.

The scope of personal data processing
The controller processes personal data to the extent that they are provided to it by the data subjects, or to the extent to which the controller obtains them from other lawful sources. These data are: first name, surname, date of birth, place of residence, place of business, Company Number, payment card number, Taxpayer Identification Number, e-mail, telephone, signature.

The purpose of personal data processing, general consent
The controller processes the personal data of the data subjects for the purpose of fulfilling a contract concluded between the data subject and the controller by means of remote electronic means of communication, or in writing, in order to fulfil legal obligations, and for the purpose of direct marketing (i.e. offering the controller’s products and services), including sending commercial communications in accordance with Act No 480/2004 Sb. on certain services of the information society.

Evaluating the necessity of processing
The controller ensures protection of the privacy of data subjects, and therefore processes only those personal data which are absolutely necessary for the specified purposes of processing.

The term of personal data processing
In the case of personal data processed for the purpose of fulfilling a contract, the controller processes personal data for the duration of the contract and thereafter for a further period of 10 years, taking into account the length of the limitation period for compensation for damage or loss. In the case of processing for the purpose of fulfilling the legal obligation of the controller, the controller processes personal data for the term specified by legal regulations. In the case of personal data processed based on the consent of the data subject, the controller processes personal data for a period of 10 years, unless consent to the processing of personal data is withdrawn within that time. This shall be without prejudice to the obligation of the controller to process personal data for the period laid down by the relevant legal regulations, or in accordance with them.

Withdrawing consent to personal data processing
If the data subject has given the controller consent to the processing of personal data, they may withdraw their voluntarily-given consent to the processing of personal data at any time, free of charge. The withdrawal of consent shall be without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on given consent before consent is withdrawn. The withdrawal of consent shall also not affect the processing of personal data processed by the controller on grounds other than consent (i.e., in particular, if processing is necessary for the performance of a contract, a legal obligation, or on other grounds laid down in valid legal regulations).

Access to personal data
The personal data of data subjects are accessible to the controller and, where appropriate, to third parties/recipients who provide appropriate guarantees and whose processing complies with the requirements of the valid legal regulations and which ensures adequate protection of the rights of data subjects.

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