Kristiánov – A Key to the Heart of the Jizera Mountains

The glass workers´ settlement Kristiánov, established in 1774, is a key to the heart of the Jizera Mountains. It opens the gate for exploring both the beautiful countryside and its history. Until 1887, the centre of Kristiánov was the glassworks.  Farmers´ carriages delivered needed raw materials and forest workers brought wood for the glassworks to produce glass goods and semi-products – results of glass workers’ exhausting work which enabled the small settlement lost deep in the woods to survive.

Small permanent exhibition in the last preserved building of Kristiánov shows not only the history of this settlement but also people who lived there.  The main exhibit is a large model of Kristiánov from the days of its greatest fame.

We would like to invite you to for the glass festival, which we hold every year on the first Saturday in September.