The fifth floor of the main building at the museum, covering an area of 380 sqm, is divided into four exhibition units that chronologically follow on from one another, from prehistory to the present. These areas, arranged as they are, allow us to present the glass itself, the stories that are specifically tied to it and stories that are more lyrical in nature.

Thus the Magic Garden – after all, what is a glass object other than a flower that germinates, transforms into a bud and then blossoms in all its beauty, a beauty that is specific for each individual flower. The layout of the space is also similar to that of a French garden – a main path and dominant features (a bell, a fountain, mould-melted glass), with side paths and niches.

The lyrical element of the exposition is enhanced by samples of the writings of poets, which are an integral and equal part of the main information panels, and by scenographic elements, when visitors wander from the dark into the light along the timeline of the history of glass. From the perspective of art history, the exposition is built on the tale of a journey from anonymous goblet to original and unique artistic artefact and searches for answers to the questions of when, how and why this process came about at all and which direction it is taking right now. A significant part of the exhibition provides an overview of contemporary products made by Czech and foreign companies and of studio glass.



The museum can be toured with a spoken guide (Czech, English, German, Polish or Russian). You can listen to the recording using a special device – an audio guide – which you can borrow from the museum ticket office. It is easy to use and there are photographs of selected objects to accompany the voice recordings.

If you have a smart phone, you can find the recording over the Internet at home or in the museum lobby and listen to your chosen version on your own phone. Visitors with phones equipped with a QR code reader can find information beside the exhibits themselves.

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