Endless Story of Jewellery

This exposition presents the development of Jablonec costume jewellery from its beginnings to the present. The phenomenon of Jablonec nad Nisou is introduced by thematic films, different technologies, decoration techniques and in works of arts and crafts schools in Jablonec nad Nisou, Železný Brod and Turnov. Glass and metal costume jewellery and fine jewellery have changed the region into a place of internationally renowned tradition in glass and costume jewellery industry.

Even though the exposition has 380 m2 of exhibition area it cannot show its visitors the full richness of the museum collections. The first hall deals with costume jewellery and its export which has enabled the industry to develop in the whole Jizera Mountains. Short films about the Jablonec region, Jablonec nad Nisou, Museum of Glass and Jewellery and production of small cut beads – seed beads, pressed beads, buttons etc. are shown in the small projection hall. The hall with costume jewellery glass stones will bring you into the universe. An interesting item is our black costume jewellery. Its history from jet to black glass is hidden in drawers which might or might not be open by a curious visitor. A special attention is paid to medals.

Our terrace, which is freely accessible in summer and on sunny days, offers a nice view of the town and is a pleasant place to sit, ponder on the aesthetic experience of your visit or just relax and meditate.

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